School news: our school holds the 11th alumni forum and the first international student alumni lecture

(Pang Chunyan / article) on the afternoon of November 11, the 11th alumni forum and the first international student alumni lecture were held in the multi-functional hall of the third apartment for international students in Jiangnan campus. The keynote speaker of this forum is Mr. Emmanuel Richard legonga, 2015 outstanding Tanzanian alumni, with the theme of "growth" A kind of Thanksgiving A kind of Pass. " Before the formal commencement of the forum, vice president Zang Shuying received Zhang Feng's alumni, expressed sincere welcome to his return to his alma mater across ten thousand miles, heartfelt congratulations on his achievements, and believed that his lecture would be the best publicity for his alma mater, and also play a demonstration and leading role for all alumni of international students. Nearly 200 scholars, including leaders of the Institute of international education and all tutors of master's degree, master's degree in Chinese and foreign international education, and golden students of Confucius Institute from more than 40 countries, attended the lecture.


Photo Zang Shuying, vice president, wears school badge for Zhang Feng

In the lecture, alumni Zhang Feng expressed surprise at the changes of the school in just over two years after graduation. He said that the new playground, new square, new apartment and new teaching building made him refreshing, and saw the changes in China from these details. He said in the lecture that he loved Chinese very much, and loved the cause of Chinese international education. This love was to love with life. Chinese made him grow up, mature and more confident. He thanked his alma mater for training him from his heart. He wanted to apply the knowledge and teaching skills learned in Harbin Normal University to the local Chinese teaching work, and teach more people to learn Chinese and learn Chinese To become the disseminator of Chinese culture, and at the same time, to pass on the love and help gained here to everyone around us. Finally, he hopes that the students of his alma mater will cherish their opportunities and study hard, and pass on what they have learned and gained in China to more people.

Zhang Feng, 2015 master's degree in international education of Chinese language, successfully accepted the post of "local Chinese teacher" funded by Confucius Institute headquarters after graduation, and now he is the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania