After entry, international students should submit the following documents and apply for the extension of visa/residence permit (study) through the school again according to the type of certificate and study period:

A. Original and photocopy of passport; copy of visa page; copy of the latest entry seal;

B. A 2-inch bareheaded color photograph (4.5cm×3.5cm);

C. Accommodation Registration Form (839 data Sheet);

D. Copy of an admission notice (2 copies);

E. Receipt of tuition payment;

F. A copy of an application for extension (students who fail to graduate on schedule must provide)

G. Physical Examination Record Verification Certificate for Overseas Personnel: International students who have been transferred into residence permit (study) for the first time and have studied for more than one year shall provide it. International students who have held residence permit (study) for more than one year and have not left China shall not provide it.