I. Types of Certificates:

1. Study visa/residence certificate

(1)International students shall enter China with "X1" visa, "X2" visa and "Residence permit (study)";

(2) International students with long-term study should enter China with "X1" visa/residence permit (study). International students with "X1" visa should apply for residence permit (study) within 30 days after entering China;

(3)Short-term students can enter China with "X2" visa. "X2" visa, is valid for less than 6 months (includes 6 months), short-term students can leave China once before the expiry of the visa.

After departure and re-entry of the X2 visa, the validity of the visa shall be subject to the number of days allowed to stay as indicated in the remarks on the latest visa page.

2. Other visas:

(1)International students with "L" visa can apply for a "X2" visa which is valid for less than 6 months (includes 6 months) and leave China once;

(2)Family visa. Students submit a written application to the supervising professor of the International Education Institute, after the supervising professor signs and agrees, the school will issue its "school official letter", issued for the students in accordance with the requirements of the Exit and Entry Administration to other related materials, such as a marriage certificate or the child's birth certificate (Chinese embassy certification, has a signature and seal of the Chinese embassy) after going to the administration of Entry and Exit formalities for extension.

II. Handling process:

(1) For international students who apply abroad, after being admitted by the school, the school will mail out the “Admissions Notices” and the “Visa Application Form for Foreign Students” (JW202 / JW201)" to the applicant, the applicant will bring the above documents to the Chinese embassy or consulate in the host country for a visa (other materials required will be subject to the provisions of the Chinese embassy or the consulate in the host country).

(2)After entering the country, international students should submit the following documents and apply for visa/residence permit (study) extension through the school again, according to the type of certificate and study period:

A. Original and a photocopy of passport; copy of visa page; copy of the latest entry seal;

B. A 2-inch bareheaded color photograph (4.5cm×3.5cm);

C. Accommodation Registration Form (839 data Sheet) (students living off campus should go to the police station under the jurisdiction of the place where the rental house is located and students living in the international student apartment on campus should be managed by the university);

D. Copy of admission notice (2 copies);

E. Receipt of tuition payment;

F. Copy of application for extension (students who fail to graduate on schedule must provide)

G. Physical Examination Record Verification Certificate for Overseas Personnel: International students who have been transferred into residence permit (study) for the first time and have studied for more than one year shall provide it. International students who have held residence permit (study) for more than one year and have not left China shall not provide it.

(3)Materials that international students should prepare in other departments:

A. Accommodation Registration Form (839 Data Sheet) : Students who live in the international Student Apartment shall be assisted by relevant teachers of the university; International students who rent off-campus housing should register at the local police station where the housing is rented.

B. Physical Examination Address:

Physical Examination Center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Address: 33 Minyi Street, Nangang District

Telephone: 0451-87093444 15846346666

Physical examination time: Monday to Friday mornings from 8:00-10:30 AM and afternoons from 1300-15:30 PM.

(4)After the school has prepared the relevant visa materials, the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau will apply for the latest visa/residence permit (study) for the international students.

Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Harbin Public Security Bureau:

Address: 2 Engineering Street, Daoli District, Tel: 87661613

Working hours: 8:30 AM --11:30 AM and 13:30-- 16:30 PM, Monday to Friday

III. Matters needing attention in visa application and relevant instructions:

1) For international students who apply for visa extension, our center will issue visa application materials for them according to their study period (subject to the payment of tuition fees). International students who apply for residence permit must enter the country with X1 visa and apply for residence permit within 30 days after entering the country. Other visa types of students, the visa will be converted to X2 visa (short study visa), each time can be extended up to six months (the specific time will be subject to study term), and there is an opportunity to depart and reenter the country, the validity period of the visa after departure and re-entry depends on the number of days that the latest visa dictates after reentering the country (see the remarks on the visa page for details).

2) International students should go to Room 510 of International Student Center 15 days before the validity period of visa and residence permit. The working hours for visa application and passport collection are: 8:30-11:30 a.m. from Monday to Friday. It usually takes 30 days to apply for a visa. In case of an examination or going out and other matters, students need to arrange their time properly.

3) When a husband and wife or international students with children need to go through the visa formalities for their spouses and children, the international students should do so by themselves according to relevant regulations.

4) During their stay in China for study, students should make sure that their visa and residence permits are valid (if it’s unclear please feel free to bring your passport to the Main Office 510 in the Physics Building to inquire your concerns), the public security agencies will punish any overstayers in accordance with the law of the People's Republic of China on the Entry and Exit Administration rules "Article 42, the consequences shall be borne by the students.

Address for visa extension:

Exit and Entry Administration Bureau of Harbin Public Security Bureau:

Address: No. 2, Engineering Street, Daoli District. Contact number: 0451-87661613

IV. Important Matters to pay attention to:

1. International students should apply for visa extension within 15 days before the expiration date of the visa, the visa extension will take about 30 days. In case of holidays, examinations and trips, the visa extension should be applied in advance.

Warning: Those who overstay their visas will be punished by the public security authorities: the highest fee is 10,000RMB.

2. International students should register their accommodation at the local police station within 24 hours after they enter the country (including applying for a new passport, applying for a new visa, changing their address, going out of the country and re-entering the country after leaving the country). Warning: Those who fail to register will be punished by the public security agency: the highest fee is 2000RMB

3. The university has the right to report to the public security authority to cancel the visa/residence permit (study) of international students in case of any violation of law or discipline during their stay in China.

V.Contact us:

Office: Main Office 510 , Physics Building, School of International Education, Harbin Normal University

Office Hours: 8:30 am --11:30 am, Monday to Friday (except holidays)

Office Telephone: 0451-88067309

If you have any questions, please bring your passport.