1. All foreign students studying in our school should be insured. From the Fall Semester of 2020, all foreign students except DUCC & Long Ren students will purchase the "Comprehensive Insurance for Foreign Students in China" issued by Ping An China. Students in DUCC & Long Ren program need to provide domestic international insurance. Students who do not participate in the international insurance must purchase the insurance by themselves at the time of registration.

2. The insurance takes effect on February 25th and August 25th each year, and language-learning students can purchase the corresponding duration insurance according to the actual length of the study period.

3. For students who purchase comprehensive insurance for international students designated by our school, if they are insured during the insurance period, the School of International Education will assist them to contact the insurance company for medical expenses payment and claims. If an accident and medical malpractice occur outside the effective time of insurance, the liability shall be borne by the insured.

4. If an international student needs to suspend, drop out or transfer his/her study after purchasing the insurance, the insurance will still be valid within the territory of The People’s Republic of China.

5. Specific matters related to comprehensive insurance for Overseas Students in China shall be implemented according to the specific provisions of Ping An Insurance Company of China. (Insurance related website: http://www.lxbx.net/ )

Please note: The college of International Education reserves the right of final interpretation of these provisions.