1. Insurance Coverage: Death Insurance, Accidental Disability Insurance, Accidental Injury Medical Insurance, Outpatient and Emergency Medical Insurance and Hospitalization Insurance.

2. Matters Needing Attention for Medical Treatment: you must go to the public hospital obtain a registration/queue/line number, registered your name the same as your passport name (you can write the name in English in the specific in a field).

3. Outpatient and Emergency Medical Treatment: within a guarantee period, relevant materials such as each medical visit case records and information, expense invoice (hospital seals) and test results and inspection report must be retained.

4. Hospitalization Claims: copy of passport and original hospitalization receipt, original expense details, copy of discharge summary or hospitalization medical record, and application for a claim advance payment shall be provided; in case of an accident, the accident certificate shall also be provided (if it’s a traffic accident, the Traffic Department's Traffic Accident Liability Confirmation Letter will be provided, etc.). If you want to apply for advance payment in hospital, please call 4008105119.

5. Death or Accidental Disability: a copy of the insured’s passport, disability identification certificate (an identification report issued by the designated appraisal agency) or a death certificate must be provided. In the event of an accident, an accident certificate and qualitative materials from the relevant departments (such as: a traffic accidents must be issued with a traffic accident responsibility certificate from the traffic department. Public Security organization (Police) or other related departments must provide qualitative materials, information and data that an accident is an accident or suicide, such as height of a fall and drowning, and an Alcohol Content Qualitative Report must be issued for accidents caused by drinking).

6. Address for Delivery of Claim Settlement Materials: Recipient: Claims Department of China Project, 9th Floor, Ping An Building, Num. 23 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing. Tel: 4008105119, Postcode: 100033.

7. Insurance liability, exemption and the latest insurance profile update content, please login to www.lxbx.net or follow WeChat public number for inspection.


* Be sure to call 4008105119 for consultation or contact the teacher in charge at 88067708 for consultation before seeking medical treatment.